Prime Male vs TestoGen: Best Testosterone Boosters [Key Differences]


TestoGen vs Prime Male – what’s the difference? Is one more effective and safe than the other?

Check out my comparison blog on Prime Male vs TestoGen to see how these testosterone boosters work.

Wondering which has the best formula? Curious which gives you better results?

I’ve got you covered!

Most of the testosterone supplements claim to offer the same benefits, results, and so it can be a daunting task for you to pick the right one.

This is so true when you consider how the internet is jam-packed with so much unproven and inconsistent information.

But by comparing TestoGen vs Prime Male test booster, I intend to make your decision a lot easier.

These two natural testosterone boosters are promoted to very different consumers – TestoGen is designed for fitness freaks, gym goer whereas Prime Male is primarily for men who are above the age of 50 and has lost their energy and T-Level.

Apart from this, TestoGen has higher doses of zinc and d-aspartic acid than Prime Male.

You’ll get to know more about this in the Ingredients section below.

These two testosterone booster for men are natural, highly effective at boosting T-Levels, and completely legal.

However, in this TestoGen vs Prime Male reviews, which product will be the ultimate winner?

Get ready to dive into the depths of this comparison blog!


TestoGen Vs Prime Male — Male Testosterone Booster Comparison

When it comes to testosterone boosting supplements, each of such products has some exclusive claims.

These are just to tempt you to eventually increasing the selling. However, effectiveness sometimes is true.

Here through a brief introduction to a testosterone booster, let’s know more about them.


TestoGen Review

Initially released to support bodybuilders, the testosterone supplement is one of the finest products.

Specialized to enhance your male hormone production, the T-booster dominates the market with exceptional perks

With global customer background, TestoGen testosterone booster is hugely popular due to its commendable perks.

To date, the t-boosters hold #1 bestselling badge in the market that is a replication of stunning efficiency.

The manufacturer has the sole attention of formulating a range of products, falling into the premium category.

With highly research-based ingredients, the supplement has a refreshing formula pumping your testosterone production to the peak.

Well, the manufacturer has a keen interest in the testosterone decorum.

Having several bodybuilding supplements, they understand how higher T-levels are important for muscle gains.

Henceforth, you have this pinnacle product in the testosterone boosting category—TestoGen.

Clearly, this short TestoGen reviews and introduction evidently show the key objective of the testosterone booster.

Next, let’s see what the other t-booster holds.



Prime Male Review

Lower testosterone level is something every elderly man has to suffer with. Prime Male, the elite t-booster, was developed to support this key reason.

With some praiseworthy ingredients for testosterone support, the supplement holds an impressive blend.

In fact, the T-booster has its inspiration for traditional science infusing it with modern findings. Eventually, to create this exceptional testosterone supplement.

Unlike most of the products in this category, Prime Male T-booster specifically deals with T-need of the elderly.

In fact, it’s highly recommended for men over 30’s wanting to recapture their T-health as in youth.

Prime Male with an improvised formula vows to intensify your male health to alter your life completely.

Users’ response aligns with the stunning claims here on you can observe with the elderly t-booster.

There are only a few products that come to deliver what it claims off.

Not only you are having an improvised testosterone production but get ready to own amazing strength and contemptible energy.



The Bottom Line: Who’s Impressive – TestoGen or Prime Male

Both testosterone booster with the inclusion of superficial t-boosting ingredients holds exceptional power to trigger your T-health.

So far with this discussion, we can’t decide which of the formula is better here.

So, continuing out Prime Male vs TestoGen reviews, we will inspect the ingredient to find their real worth.


TestoGen vs Prime Male | Ingredients and Research

You find testosterone boosting deliberately impressive. Right?

But do you ever pounder, how it’s got such exceptional perks? Well, that lies in the blend it encompasses.

Here, we have shared a complete breakdown of the T-booster formula.

An overview of this segment will get you a clearer idea of the efficiency of the testosterone supplement.


TestoGen Ingredients

TestoGen is one of the finest testosterone boosters.

Its positive effects are what make it highly impressive in terms of boosting male hormone production naturally.

Here, we’ve shared at a complete breakdown TestoGen ingredients.

#1: D-Aspartic Acid

The amino acid enhances the release of luteinizing hormone which has testosterone stimulating properties. Eventually, the TestoGen ingredient improves T-level to get you impressive perks.

#2: Nettle Leaf Extract

By binding SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) which counter-attacks free T to reduce male hormone count, it balances up these hormones. Besides, it improves muscle mass and even stimulates libido.

#3: Magnesium

The powerful mineral has a prominent effect in terms of testosterone production and release. In fact, research suggests that regular intake of magnesium can increase your male hormone significantly.

#4: Vitamin B6

The research revealed that deficiency of vitamin B leads to lower testosterone level and increase the female hormone. Eventually, this is going to affect your overall health. Hence, you require an optimum level of the vitamin to keep your T- health intact.

#5: Fenugreek Extract

Highly used for its incredible libido-boosting properties, the TestoGen Ingredient has a great perk for the male hormone. Also, it amplifies strength, stamina, vitality all naturally.

#6: Vitamin K1

The optimum level of vitamin is necessary for stronger and healthier bones. The reason behind its inclusion as TestoGen ingredient is to ensure maximum absorption of Vitamin D. In short, it intensifies the perks associated with vitamin D.

#7: Boron

Regular intake of the mineral in a small amount is scientifically proven to ascend the production of the male hormone. Of course, this makes it perfect for the T-booster.

#8: Vitamin D

The higher the vitamin D you have the higher testosterone level you are like to get. In fact, the positive and impressive effect of the vitamin has been seen for testosterone. Working with other vitamins and mineral, it further amplifies testosterone production.

After the overview of TestoGen ingredients, we have a complete idea of the blend.

Moving further, let’s check out what the other T-booster has in its blend


Prime Male Ingredients

With selective ingredients in the blend, Prime Male formula has a core focus to promote testosterone in elders.

In fact, it aids proper nourishment to all body functions to trigger testosterone production as in the best mode.

Hence, amplified testosterone release is obvious with Prime Male ingredients.

Here, what makes it so powerful:

#1: D-Aspartic Acid

The amino acid is present in most of the powerful t-booster. Having exceptional benefits for promoting testosterone production, the water-soluble amino acid is a must-have inclusion in t-boosters.

#2: Bioperine

Well, it has benefits in improving testosterone levels naturally. However, its key focus lies in improving the absorption of major nutrients necessary for proper nourishment. Eventually, it improves the overall effectiveness of the T-booster.

#3: Boron

The powerpack mineral increases the production of free testosterone by blocking its conversion in the female hormone. In fact, it binds SHBG which is responsible for this sole task to keep your testosterone level in balance.

#4: Korean Red Ginseng

Straight from traditional science, the modern findings conclude its worth in T-boosting. In fact, it elevates testosterone levels in animals remarkably as found in the initial research. Also, it supports complete men’s health.

#5: Luteolin

The ingredient works as a sturdy inhibitor of estrogen. Eventually, by doing so the Prime Male ingredients work to amplify testosterone production naturally.

#6: Magnesium

SHBG binds your free testosterone and declines the total male hormone density. The mineral reduces SHBG level to significantly increase the male hormone volume.

#7: Mucuna Pruriens Extract

The Prolactin in high density in men leads to lower men hormone levels. The Prime Male ingredients significantly reduce prolactin in order to balance up your testosterone level.

#8: Nettle Root Extract

The extract has beta-sitosterol which intensifies testosterone production while reducing estrogen. Eventually, improving your overall men’s health.

#9: Vitamin B6

The ingredients kindle the androgen receptions to ramp up male hormone production. In fact, the lack of nutrients has shown to decrease testosterone levels.

#10: Vitamin D3

The vitamin plays a significant role in maintaining testosterone and estrogen. In fact, regular supplementation of vitamin D can increase your testosterone level by 20%.

#11: Vitamin K2

Another vitamin having exceptional perks in increasing testosterone levels to a great extent.

#12: Zinc

Low zinc intake affects the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) affecting testosterone levels. Hence, having optimum zinc consumption is necessary for having proper testosterone production.

This short analysis of Prime Male ingredients is a clear indication of the outstanding efficiency of the testosterone boosting supplement.


The Bottom Line — Which Formula Is Stronger?

When it comes to ingredients, both T-boosters has some really promising ingredients inclusion.

Eventually, this creates the most powerful blend making them the top testosterone boosting supplement.

TestoGen includes ingredients leading to greater testosterone health and refined bodybuilding.

Whereas Prime Male blend is focused to amplify testosterone by all mean in elders man by focusing proper nourishment.

This what the testosterone booster has in the blend. However, when it comes to results, the majority of the action is taken its customized working mechanism.


TestoGen vs Prime Male | Mechanism of action

Every testosterone boosting supplement has a specified working mechanism.

This allows it to perform in an exact way to enhance the production and secretion of the male hormone.

Well, this function provides results all by natural means.

Here’s let’s have a look at how the best testosterone boosters work.


How Does TestoGen Work?

Having inclusion of some extremely powerful testosterone boosting ingredient in their best form. Well, the most promising part is the presence of some potent ingredient backed by plenty of research.

These studies show great effect in terms of men’s health and sex drive.

Also, the blend has some benefits toward gym performance as well as muscle gains.

With a good quantity of zinc, vitamin D, and DAA, the triple action formula of TestoGen works in the best possible way.

Eventually, getting you to heighten testosterone level than ever. All of these factors definitely make it a decent testosterone booster to bring in use.

To maximize the effects of the T-booster, you need to use it as suggested.

In fact, the clinically recommended testosterone supplement functions best when taken with a properly planned diet.

Given that, you follow a regular workout session.


How Does Prime Male Work?

Prime Male is the most promising testosterone formula for a reason. That is quantity.

Having each ingredient in the best possible quantity, it replicates some great benefits.

Having a premium form of the cutting edge testosterone booster in the best dose, Prime Male presents you with a power-pack formula.

In fact, the T-booster has a core focus in providing proper nourishment to get you real results.

Well, with DAA’s inadequate dosage it amplifies your testosterone level.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of Bioperine increases the bioavailability of the formula, eventually multiplying the effects of the t-booster.

With an increase in the nourishment for proper testosterone levels, the supplement gets you with some really awesome results.


The Bottom Line: Whose Mode of Action Is Best?

The testosterone boosting supplement incline toward amplifying testosterone level, all by delivering proper nourishment.

Well, when your body has every nutrient in the proper amount, each body function performs in the best order. Eventually, leading to greater testosterone levels.

With a slightly similar working mechanism, TestoGen advances result with its unique triple-action formula.

Whereas Prime Male delivers results with its exclusive working mechanism.

Moving further in Prime Male vs TestoGen, let’s see what perks you receive with these supplements.


TestoGen vs Prime Male | Benefits and Perks To Know

What can you expect for a testosterone boosting supplement?

Obviously, to get a higher male hormone level than earlier.

Well, with the inclusion of some explosive T-boosting ingredients, the production is going to get you significant benefits.

In this segment, specifically, we have checked the products to see what you are likely to receive with these advanced supplements.

Firstly, let’s check for the TestoGen testosterone booster.


Benefits Of TestoGen

Having some remarkably powerful ingredients, the t-booster is going to get you really impressive benefits.

Besides increasing the production of the male hormone, the supplement is going to get you some impressive difference.

Here have a look at the major TestoGen Benefits.

  • Increased testosterone – The T-booster functions properly to get you a significant and lasting impulse in testosterone level by natural stimulation.
  • No irritability – Say goodbye to irritability that comes along with low testosterone level as TestoGen holds some really impressive mood-enhancing ingredients.
  • More energy  Having sound ingredients, the T-booster dismisses lethargy by pushing your energy to next level.
  • Impeccable Muscle gain– higher testosterone level means improved muscle gains. In fact, greater T-levels improves protein synthesis which in turn elevates your lean muscle gains.

Undoubtedly TestoGen benefits are impressive. Of course, it’s an obvious reason behind it extensively increasing popularity.

Next, let’s have a look at what the Prime Male can deliver!


Benefits Of Prime Male

Having a blend of multiple constituents with extensive T-boosting benefits, it is also going to get you some beneficial advantages.

After closely looking at what Prime Male can actually lead to, here we have found out some major perks it deals in.

Have a sneak Peek in major PrimeMale Benefits.

  • Libido Boosts – Heighten testosterone level significantly improves your libido in a short span.
  • More Energy – Greater testosterone level has numerous perks one of which is more energy.
  •  Muscle Gains– The Real Deal with prime is consistently increasing male hormone amplifying muscle building.
  • Ramped Strength & Stamina – The supplement increases your strength and stamina to make you live up to your dream.

Really, Prime Male Benefits are breakthroughs. These outstanding perks are what make the supplement extensively in use.


The Bottom Line: Who’s The Winner Of This Round?

Both testosterone boosting supplements have an impressive set of benefits.

However, when it comes to what has more promising benefits, the distinction can be found.

TestoGen benefits more incline toward the bodybuilding by amplifying muscle gains with elevated testosterone levels.

On the other side, we have Prime Male benefits that suit the elderly.

This was just another aspect to evaluate the testosterone boosting supplement.

Still, adding any of the supplements in your daily routine, you need to be sure of the safety factor.

Next, let’s check for TestoGen vs Prime Male side effects.


TestoGen Vs Prime Male: Safety and side effects

Using a supplement just by looking at the advantage of products is foolish.

Many times, these advanced testosterone boosting supplements have led to life-threatening side effects.

In fact, these side effects are so worse, it can threaten your health in the long run.

Hence, before you get tempt by the exciting benefits, you need to be sure there are no side effects.

In this segment, we have evaluated the testosterone supplement for safety measures.

Here’s what our findings conclude:


TestoGen Side Effects

TestoGen holds natural formula having extracts, minerals, and elements straight in natural form. Obviously, this lessens the chances of negative consequences.

Still, to be sure, we evaluated each ingredient separately and blend all together, but nothing appeared. The supplement seems completely safe.

However, in case you are allergic to any TestoGen ingredients, that case might be different. In fact, in such a scenario, TestoGen side effects have been encountered.

Apart from that, there’s no condition in which negative effects had been reported with this revolutionary formula.

For precautionary measures, you are advised to take the supplement as prescribed.

How to Take TestoGen?

  • The daily serving of TestoGen is 4 capsules.
  • You can have 2 with breakfast and rest 2 with lunch.

A pack of the T-booster has a total of 120 capsules.

Taking TestoGen dosage into account, one pack of the advance formula is likely to last for a month.


Prime Male Side Effects

Prime Male is completely a side effect free formula. In fact, it was developed to aid with testosterone by ensuring all safety measures.

Well, the manufacturer achieved it by the inclusion of all-natural ingredients and averting artificial stimulants.

Nonetheless, having an allergy to any Prime Male ingredient can utterly reverse the condition.

In such circumstances, you are prone to Prime Male side effects like minor aggression, nausea, and minor irritability.

Well, this condition averts using the supplement right away and consult your doctor immediately.

For precautionary terms, we suggest you keep up the guidelines to use the supplement.

How to Take Prime Male?

  • Each serving of Prime Male is 4 capsules
  • Simply, have 2 with breakfast and 2 with lunch. Or you can have all 4 in one go.

The choice is yours, how you want to complete Prime Male dosage.

With 120 capsules in total, the supplement would last you for a month.


Prime Male vs TestoGen—Which is safe?

The testosterone boosters are on the safe side. The manufacturers understand how safety measures are important with these kinds of products.

By including natural ingredients in their natural form, side effects are averted in the first place.

Besides, the supplements consistently go through testing and clinical studies which further assurance of safety.

The only downsides come with overdosing the supplement or being allergic to any ingredients.

Hence, in terms of safety, the task depends on you. By using the products according to guidelines you can prevent side effects.

So far, the on-paper details in TestoGen vs Prime Male comparison seems sound.

Next, let’s check out the results of the users.


TestoGen vs Prime Male | The Results

The real results of testosterone booster are what can get you a real idea of its power.

TestoGen and Prime Male with its promising benefits and perks impress you at every point.

Still, what’s the result you are likely to receive with these testosterone boosting supplements.


 TestoGen Results

Smashing testosterone levels are what you expect with the t-booster right?

But, what do you receive in real?

After evaluating, TestoGen reviews and results, we have come to a conclusion.

TestoGen claims are sound and true. This what we have first concluded with our analysis.

In fact, users’ responses are highly positive. No negative reviews are encountered.

An Analysis of TestoGen Results

  • Muscle gains—92 % users are happy
  • Elevated testosterone level— 94% found it great
  • Strength and stamina—85% liked it
  • Improved Mood— 82% have experienced it

With such amazing TestoGen real results, its increasing popularity can be understood.

Not only had the supplement stood over its claims, but goes beyond it.


Prime Male Results

The testosterone booster for elders supports for what it claims—to heighten testosterone level.

Well, what our first question to Prime Male users was—Does it really support testosterone deed?

Surprisingly, users’ response was significantly positive as well as impressive.

The master testosterone booster was a good amount of reviews and results stating its real efficiency.

Here’s an Analysis of Prime Male Results

  • Greater testosterone level—96% positive
  • Improved libido—90% results were impressive
  • Strength and stamina—85% users found it good
  • Muscle gains—89% have experienced it

Prime Male results get us a slight idea of what this product can do in real.

Hereafter having a look at this brief assessment, you can understand the real power it inhibits.


The Bottom Line: Whose results are impressive?

Whether it’s TestoGen or Prime Male, the testosterone boosters deliver amazing results.

Heightened T-levels comes as an assurance with these supplements, but besides that, you can take benefit of a lot of other perks.

This includes improved stamina, strength, muscle gains, libido, and a lot more. So, in this segment, the T-boosters have a tough fight.

Well, this was a concise assessment of what the supplement can do in real.

Apart from that, we have also shared a summarized version of TestoGen vs PrimeMale reviews in users’ words.


TestoGen vs Prime Male — Customer Reviews [Before & After Pics]

Testosterone booster amplifies the production as well as the secretion of the male hormone.

Well, this specific benefit is likely to induce a lot of other improvements.

From internally working to increase strength & stamina to externally improving muscle mass, the supplement is ought to leave you amazed.

Here’s a complete assessment of success stories.


TestoGen Before And After Results 

TestoGen is an explosive way to improvise men’s health. However, with that comes massive muscle gains.

We checked TestoGen before and after pics to ensure the real results.

What we lastly found left us amazed. Well, don’t trust our words check out the amazing results yourself!


TestoGen before and after pictures are really minded whopping.

Not only the supplement amplifies your testosterone level but it gets your super bulky and leaner muscle mass.

These pics get you a clearer idea of what you are likely to receive with the testosterone booster.

Not only users have shared their pics but also shared complete experience with the T-booster

Mike –

TestoGen has changed my life. It improves my testosterone level to a great extent and my building muscle mass!

Jackson –

Bodybuilding was never easier for me, low T-level has made it tougher. With TestoGen has my T-level has improved and I’m gaining muscle rapidly.

Well, these TestoGen customer reviews deliberately express the real efficiency of the t-booster.

Eventually, you are going to get an increased testosterone level along with a smashing muscular figure.


Prime Male Before And After Results 

Prime Male is an advanced testosterone increasing formula for people over the ’30s.

Besides that, the blend elevates muscle building and strength and stamina.

Here, we had a look at Prime Male before and after pic.

The results with the supplement are brilliant. Have a look here!


Prime Male results are groundbreaking.

Users have gained excellent muscle mass making their physique muscular and massive.

Not only users have shared Prime Male before and after pictures, but they have shared their entire journey with the T-booster.

Just read these mind whopping Prime Male customer reviews and testimonials.

Nikoli –

Low testosterone has made by daily life worse. Prime Male helped me gain the lost testosterone. My improved energy and stamina have made it easier to cope with the daily routine.

Rex –

I’m a workout freak. After turning 30, low T-level made it impossible to gain muscle. With Prime Male things are pretty different.

Prime Male testimonials clearly show what the supplement is ought to do. With such amazing results, nobody misses the chance to use the ultimate testosterone booster.

TestoGen vs Prime Male —which has the most exciting success stories?

Well, one thing is quite clear here—the T-booster works. However, when it comes to muscle gains TestoGen specifically deals with low testosterone issues of young adults. On the contrary, the Prime Male testosterone is particularly beneficial for men over 30’s.

Reaching to the last part TestoGen vs PrimeMale comparison, let’s have a concise detail of buying and cost-effectiveness.


TestoGen vs Prime Male — Cost & Value

None of the promising testosterone boosters is available at any random store.

So searching for it over the nearby retail stores, outlets, or online platforms is a waste of time.

In fact, these testosterone boosting formulae are available on their official website only.

The manufacturer supplies the supplement through a restrictive channel to ensure genuine formula has reached to your door.

Actually, these are preventive measures to avert from online scams supplying fake products.


TestoGen vs Prime Male Price Comparison



1 Month Supply
  • 1 x TestoGen Bottle
  • 120 Capsules
  • $59.99
  • Savings: $10.00
  • 1 x Prime Male Box 
  • 120 Capsules
  • $69.00
2 Month Supply
  • 2 x TestoGen Bottles + 1 Free (3 Months Supply)
  • 360 Capsules
  • $119.99
  • Savings: $89.98
  • 2x Prime Male Boxes + Free USA & UK Shipping (2 Months Supply)
  • 240 Capsules
  • $138.00
3 Month Supply
  • 3 x TestoGen Bottles + 2 Free + (5 Months Supply)
  • 600 Capsules
  • $179.99
  • Savings: $169.96
  • 3x Prime Male Boxes + 1 Free + FREE Worldwide Shipping (4 Months Supply)
  • 480Capsules
  • $207.00
4 Month Supply
  • 4x Prime Male Boxes+ 2 FREE (4 Months Supply)
  • 600 Capsules + FREE Worldwide Shipping
  • $276.00



Prime Male vs TestoGen—Which is the most cost-effective?

After having a look at the above chart, it’s clear—TestoGen offers the best price.

The top-notch testosterone boosting supplement is available for impressive pricing and is cheaper in comparison to Prime Male.

So, which t-booster should you go for?

Well, this decision should entirely depend on your personal preference.

To help you out in deciding which of the supplement should your prefer, we have summed up the above argument in the expert advice.



Evidently, both testosterone booster can significantly improve your testosterone level in a short time span.

However, when it comes to adding T-booster in daily routine, you need to choose one meeting your demands.

Here’s a short idea to help you chose the right products.

  • TestoGen is best for young adults wanting to gain massive muscle size and intensify testosterone levels.
  • The prime male is best for men over 30’s fed up with low testosterone levels and wants to push it to the next stage.

So, which t-booster are you going for? Don’t forget to mention in the comment section right below!

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