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Welcome to playsafex.com!

We are dedicated to empowering every man to enhance their sexual health. We’ll help you to get the best organic male enhancement supplement to find premature ejaculation, penis enlargement, erectile dysfunction, sex drive, libido, and sperm count solution.

Our sexologist has a vast experience in men’s health and sexual life and different kinds of sexual supplements as well.

Our motto to launch this site is to provide unbiased reviews and feedback on different male enhancement products.  We are expecting to grow while providing a solution to all men for their sexual problems.

We help you to become a man while providing a solution to your entire problem based on your lifestyle. You would also find extraordinary tools on our website to extend your dick. And our sexologist recommended supplement would help you get bigger, harder, and long-lasting erection with increased volume of sperm and intense orgasms.

What Do We do?

At playsafe.com, we are going to review different kinds of supplements related to men’s health. Our reviews would be fair and honest for supplements ingredients, their working mechanisms, side effects and scam including user testimonials and where to buy options.

All the men’s health supplements we’ll review on our website will first go through clinical tests and rigorous research in the guidance of our sexologist. Our sexologist would first understand their functionality and performance before we recommend you to use the supplements for your problem.

Our readers are our first priority and their health is our top-notch priority. So, providing them with the correct information for them is our liability.

Author – Jake Felix, Sexual Health Experts

Dr. Jake Felix an internationally recognized expert in sexual health from New York, United States. He finished his graduation from the University of Illinois College of Medicine.

Further Jake completed a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center following an internship in Internal Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

He is currently a clinical sexologist and certified sex counselor in New York, United States. Dr. Jake owns a health website named – PlaySafeX where he used to share sexual health tips for both men and women.

Research & Studies

He has also researched, reviewed and tested hundreds of sexual enhancement supplements & products designed to improve men’s, women’s look and sex life.

Considered a thought leader in his field, Jake Felix regularly appears in local and national media outlets discussing all aspects of sexual health.

Jake has a particular interest and expertise in menopause and sexual health. His life is completely dedicated to carrying on healthy and positive messages about sexuality and relationships.

Jake Felix as a sex coach, speaks on a wide range of issues, including sexuality education, sexual health, relationship hurdles, trends in sexuality, and the role of sexuality on politics and pop culture.