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Prime Male Review & Results: Does This Test Booster Really Work?

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  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Shed Excess Weight
  • Boost Libido & Sex Drive
  • Enhances Cognitive Function
  • Harder And Longer Erection


  • Only Available From The Official Website
  • A Bit Costly For Single Bottle
  • Not Suitable For Vegans

What it feels to be young again with immense energy, no worries, stress or problems and brimming it with power and self-confidence.

Prime Male has the potential to impart that sort of state of mind again.

This is the magic of its 12 herbal extract blend that boosts testosterone levels together. The supplement specifically benefits to older men who have low T-Levels.

Prime Male helps men who have passed their testosterone peak to keep their levels optimum, even as they age.

Prime Male- Natural Testosterone Booster has a combination of ingredients that are well-mixed after years of research. The ingredients combination stimulates natural testosterone production that too 100% risk-free.

Prime Male for two weeks reverses 42 years of testosterone!!

As higher testosterone levels have a direct effect on your muscles, you can get more out of Prime Male. So, get the massive size and bursting energy levels with RED PILLS.

So, here we’re with Prime Male Reviews to go through every nook and cranny of this testosterone booster.


What Is Prime Male?

Prime Male Reviews

Prime Male significantly improves male hormone levels within the space of a few short weeks. This improves your overall body functions.

It’s a herbal extract supplement and not actually a hormone supplement, a point of great importance.

The supplement particularly targets older men to increase their level of testosterone.

Reverse your 42 years of testosterone in just less than 2 weeks!!

This natural supplement works inline with the body’s natural process so don’t expect huge muscle growth overnight. The supplement doesn’t force the body to push testosterone production beyond the optimum.

Nor it’ll pump in synthetic hormone against your body.

It inhibits natural testosterone production and lowers the effect of estrogen.

Not only that, but it also helps release more of Lutropin that helps in the production and release of more testosterone.

So, what can you expect to happen?

Steady, solid, lean muscle growth, with no adverse side-effects. When you consume Prime Male you can expect your body to become prime for muscle growth.

You’ll still need to work out hard and eat well of course. But packing on that muscle tissue will be made much more possible with the help of Prime Male.

In addition to finding it easier to build muscle, you should see an improvement in several other areas of your life. Your sex life, for instance, should get a boost.

Testosterone isn’t only important for the growth of muscle – it makes you horny too!

All these effects are possible due to Prime Male special formula…let’s have a closer look at them.


Get Maximum T-Boosting Benefits With Prime Male Natural Testosterone Booster


Prime Male Ingredients


Well, the product has some awesome ingredient list to combat with low T-level issues. Moreover, the composition of these ingredients produces 100% natural testosterone levels with no health complications.

The supplement is a powerhouse of 12 herbal extracts that aid the production of testosterone.

The potent ingredients release “t-troops” into your bloodstream to let you watch your t-levels, energy, libido, and vitality soar!!

#1: D-Aspartic Acid

Studies show that the regular uses of D-AA increased the level of Testosterone by 42% in just 12 days. Moreover, the supplement has Calcium Chelate form (D-AA-CC) – more effective than the typical D-AA. It’s more soluble in water, which makes it easier to absorb without gastrointestinal discomfort with the usual D-AA.

#2: Bioperine

It’s a must to be an ingredient for the Prime Male formula. The compound is known for its nutrient absorbing properties. It ascends the bioavailability of various herbs, foods, or even numerous dietary products. Dramatically, as it doesn’t let any valuable and beneficial ingredients to be lost.

#3: Boron

The ingredient boosts the production of free testosterone and restricts it from transforming into estrogen. Again, it’s added in chelate form making the formula more effective. One study revealed that daily consumption of Boron increases free testosterone by 28% and reduce estrogen level by 39%.

#4: Korean Red Ginseng

The root has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity which combats stress and anxiety effectively. The root is also potent to improve T-levels, accelerates levels of confrontation to sports, and augments sperm production.

 #5: Luteolin

In an inspection of moreover 1,400 compounds, the ingredient emerged as the best inhibitor to estrogen production. Henceforth, it stimulates androgens to create more testosterone, naturally.

#6: Magnesium

It’s a very essential metal in man’s life. After Ca, it is the second-highest in content and has one of the major metabolic co-working factors. An adequate amount of magnesium consumption helps combat a hormone (SHGB) binding and restricting the testosterone in the body.

 #7: Mucuna Pruriens Extract

The higher level of Prolactin (a female hormone) in men results in a lower level of T-levels. Well, the extract is efficient in reducing the prolactin level to balance up normal T-levels. Additionally, it’s an advanced source of L-Dopa which promotes HGH and T-levels.

#8: NETTLE ROOT Extract

The root acts a complementary medicine in the robust interest of the whole formula. As, it’s an anti-cancer activity, anti-inflammatory properties and also protects the prostate while boosting its better and healthier function. According to specialists, it contains too many constituents esteeming the hormonal balance in the body.

#9: Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 excites the androgen receptors so that your body pumps more testosterone into the bloodstream. According to studies, lack of Vitamin B6 results in a 74.5% drop in T levels. Besides that, it also assists your body in absorbing Zinc and Magnesium which are again Prime Male ingredients.

#10: Vitamin D3

The Vitamin is “source for testosterone” due to its presence in the Leydig cells of testicles. Furthermore, in a study, it was concluded that vitamin D (particularly vitamin D3) improves testosterone (both free and total), which greatly improves the quality of life.

#11: Vitamin K2

A study revealed that lab rats that were fed Vitamin K2 for 5 weeks have boosted T-levels by 50%. This vitamin boosts testosterone on its own.

#12: ZINC

The more the zinc level, the more it releases LH and produces natural testosterone levels. It can increase testosterone by up to 33.5% in just 2 months.

These were the ingredients of Prime Male that can boost your T-level in minimum time. You can get your stamina and strength back what you had in your 20s.

These ingredients when combines together make Prime Male Testosterone Booster. These constituents help you get some amazing testosterone boosting results.

Hence, with the mixture of the composition of these ingredients, you’re sure to get testosterone benefits.

Prime Male ingredients don’t only work to boost testosterone levels but boost natural T production.

Let’s move ahead in this Prime Male Reviews to know how does this supplement works.


Try Prime Male Testosterone Booster That’ll Amaze You With Its Incredible Results!


How Does Prime Male Works?

How T-Booster Work

Well, the supplement releases essential nutrients which surges the testosterone levels naturally. The supplement uses premium forms of topnotch testosterone boosting ingredients with appropriate composition.

According to the manufacturer, Prime Male is 12 vibrant ingredients -“Anti-Aging Dirty Dozen”. And the name is because it slows down the aging process in men.

Prime Male lets you anti-age by restoring your body’s low testosterone to the peak levels you had in your teens.

The supplement is a combination of D-AA-CC and Bioperine and these are perfect testosterone boosting ingredients ever.

However, its other ingredients are equally effective in boosting testosterone levels to optimum.

And the action it provides are:

  • Elevates testosterone production
  • Assisting other hormones in the surge of testosterone production
  • Blocking change of testosterone into estrogen
  • Improving the bioavailability of protein-bound testosterone

Are you unsure about turning back the clock with Prime Male?

Well, the RED PILL will let you enter a whole new reality of testosterone- enriched vitality with Prime Male.

Let’s move further in this Prime Male Reviews 2020 blog to know the benefits this pill gotta offer.


Prime Male Benefits

Prime Male Benefits

Generally, the Prime Male formula helps you in surging your testosterone levels.

Furthermore, it gives you the maximum advantage of the testosterone whilst boosting testosterone 42% in just 12 days.

Moreover, the supplement is the formulation of natural supplements that will bring back the enthusiasm of doing an intense workout.

This is exactly how it helps you build muscle fast and get immense strength.

Well, the formula has to offer more than testosterone… check them out.

  • Improves Focus and Concentration

While being on Prime Male, you can experience a cognitive boost in your day-to-day tasks and chores. You’ll see yourself performing much better as your focus and concentration becomes more accentuated.

  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass

If you’re struggling to pack on lean muscle mass in the gym, Prime Male comes to the rescue. This is the perfect t-Booster as it has all ingredients potent for building lean muscle mass. In return, this makes you stronger and powerful enough to push yourself beyond your limits at the gym.

  • Increases Energy and Stamina

If you’re waking up every day with low energy, there’s something wrong the way you’re living your life. Either you’re not having quality sleep or you have low testosterone levels. In either case, Prime Male will help you get the required energy and stamina.

  • Increases Sexual Performance

When you start consuming Prime Male, you’ll feel like you’re a male pornstar. The majority of men suffer from lasting and erection problem thus Prime male is a worth try.

  • Helps You Lose Fat and Weight

If you’re obese or overweight, Prime Male is the right pick for you. The supplement speeds up your metabolism and burn fat at a rate faster than you can imagine.

  • Balances Mood and Helps with Depression

It’s no secret that we’ve become a blue nation, one plagued by negative thoughts and thinking. But, once you start taking Prime Male you’ll feel more powerful, more positive, and self-confident.

  • Improve the Performance of Your Heart

Heart, one of the most important organs in your body to keep it healthy and pumping. That’s exactly what Prime Male does and so much more. It helps the heart pump out more blood into the body, thus it delivers more energy and more virility.

The supplement can offer numerous other effects and you’ll be surprised by how much it can bring you.

But does it pose any adverse side-effect?


Get Rock Hard Muscle And Shed excess weight With Prime Male T-Booster


Prime Male Reviews Side Effects

Prime Male Natural T-Booster

People are unsure of using Prime Male because they have a fear of its side effects. One straightaway associates this pill with steroids that are full of side effects.

But does this T-Booster pill have any side effects?

No, the supplement is a blend of all-natural ingredients that give you a real effect of testosterone.

This is exactly why no users have still reported for any side effects. Another reason for being this test booster safe is it doesn’t use any sort of chemicals or colors.

The supplement only works to increase testosterone levels in synergy with your body. The pill won’t affect the workings of internal organs.

However, in certain cases you may have mild side effects like diarrhea, bloating, gas, stomach upset, or low blood sugar levels.

So, you don’t have to worry much about the health complications of this pill. You can use Prime Male with nothing to fear as it’s completely safe and well-tolerated.

Little wonder that how to use the supplement to get the maximum benefits from this natural T-booster. Here’s the dosage instruction you need to know.

Prime Male Dosage

How To Take Prime Male

The usage direction of the supplement is very easy to follow. Each bottle of Prime male contains 120 pills and that’s enough for 1 month. This simply means you gotta consume 4 pills a day.

However, you don’t need all the pills to take at once. Because the small size of the capsule doesn’t contain the full amount necessary for the body.

The manufacturer recommends taking the capsules 4 hours apart. One of the major benefits of this supplement is that it can be used long-term. The supplement is allegedly natural and free of harmful synthetic ingredients. This is an FDA approved supplement that is safe for usage.

You can consume the pill with food or water to increase the absorption rate.

The manufacturer doesn’t impose any special diet plan and exercise to follow compulsory with the supplement.

But, you’d get the result you have expectation from the pill. However, a regular workout and a healthy diet can help you get the best results.

If you have any doubt you can head over to Prime Male Results and reviews by real customers.


Don’t Accept Low Testosterone, Fight It With Prime Male!


Prime Male Customer Reviews

In order to get a genuine Testo Prime Male Enhancement Reviews, it’s better to go through the customer reviews of the users who have used the supplement.

You can do visit Prime Male Reddit to know what social media users have to say about the pill.

We found in the first week or initial phase user found a calming effect. They could have better sleep at night and a relaxed feeling throughout the day.

However, they still suspect the diverse advantage the muscle-building supplement claimed.

Despite the users were pretty skeptical about products claim, but the first-week results bewildered them. The clinically proven supplement provided them with noteworthy differences.

Here we have shared a few Prime Male Real Reviews and testimonials with before and after pictures of the users which is definitely a great sign.

Prime Male Before and After Photos

Troy, United States

Age: 41

Goals: To gain strength and better stamina


I have been using Prime Male for a month now and I sure do feel my strength coming back when I’m in the gym, I really started feeling it after about 2 weeks of taking this product, not to mention, but my nights are lasting longer in the bedroom. I can’t wait to order my next bottle, very trustworthy.

Thanks, Prime Male for bringing my youth back!


Geno, United States

Age: 56

Goals: Using Prime Male is helping me achieve my goals to – gain muscle and decrease body fat

Geno With Prime Male

I have been taking Prime male for 8 weeks now.

Wasn’t sure what to expect but I am blown away by the effects of Prime male!

I was looking for a product for increasing muscle as well as my sex drive. More energy and stamina whether at work or play… Prime male is like the fountain of youth!

Building muscle and losing excess weight. My Sex drive is thru the roof and waking every morning feeling excellent!

At 56 years of age, I feel like I’m in my 20’s again! Thank you


Anthony, United States

Age: 58


  • Increased sex drive
  • Increased energy level
  • Hair regrowth

Some things to note:

  • After 30 days, hair regrowth on my legs, increased sex drive and increased energy level.
  • All-natural product, no side effects (I do take on a full stomach)
  • No hair loss on my head

Anthony Testimonial

These Prime Male Before and After Results and Reviews clearly states that how effective the T-booster is. Prime Male Review Bodybuilding will depict how beneficial it is for bodybuilding.

Moreover, the users clearly depict the effects of higher testosterone level which didn’t elevate energy but help in weight loss.

Furthermore, they end up having the bulkier physique they have always dreamed of.

These Prime Male Before and After Results and Prime Male Customer Reviews clearly states that how effective the T-booster can be.

The T-booster Releases “t-troops” into your blood and watches your testosterone levels, strength, energy, libido, and vitality soar!

By seeing the results you’d be thinking to buy the supplement to boost your manhood. So, let’s get to know Prime Male Where to Buy.


Prime Male – Packages & Where to Buy It?

One can order their Prime male supply from the official website-

The official website is the only place through which the company sells the product. Moreover, you can find the supplement nowhere else.

The manufacturer has taken this step just to curb the supply of the counterfeit product that usually happens through a third-party.

So, here are the prices of different packages of Prime Male if you buy it from the official website.





PRICE: $69.00

1 Month Supply

1x Box of PrimeMale

PRICE: $138.00

2 Month Supply

2x Boxes of PrimeMale

Contains 2 boxes of PrimeMale

+ FREE USA & UK Shipping

PRICE: $207.00

4 Month Supply

3x Boxes of PrimeMale

+ 1 FREE

Contains 4 boxes of PrimeMale

+ FREE Worldwide Shipping

PRICE: $276.00

6 Month Supply

4x Boxes of PrimeMale

+ 2 FREE

Contains 6 boxes of PrimeMale

+FREE Worldwide Shipping


Order Prime Male RIGHT NOW to get back all the energy, vitality, and drive that testosterone loss has taken from you…Fast!

Get the deal on the official website and relive your young age yet again!

Currently, you can get some amazing offers on the official website with the Prime Male package. You can enjoy the benefits of FREE Boxes to boost your testosterone level permanently.

Although the offer is for a limited period you can reap the benefit of this testosterone booster.

You can buy the pack of 1 Prime Male at just 1 at $69.00 only. And you can purchase of 2 Prime Male boxes for just $138.00 with FREE USA and UK Shipping.

On purchase of 3 Prime Male Boxes, you get 1 Free for only $207.00. Plus, you’ll get worldwide free shipping.

Last but not least and probably the best deal…

On purchase of 4 Prime Male Boxes, you get 2 Free for only $276.00. Plus, you’ll get free worldwide shipping to cut down the fuss of shipping charges.

But, can you get the supplement on other sources and enjoy the same benefits?

Read to know…


Can I Buy Prime Male At Third-Party Stores?

Prime Male GNC

Though GNC is an American company dedicated to selling health and nutrition-related products, it’s not authorized to sell Prime Male.

You would be knowing that any seller can register under GNC and sell their product without product authenticity checking.

And the manufacturer doesn’t like to get counterfeit products supplied to its customers.

So, if you would like to buy Prime Male from GNC it’s a clear NO as you would receive a counterfeit product. Moreover, you would get severe side effects if you use the counterfeit product.

So, you must think before buying this pill from GNC.

Prime Male Amazon

Well, Amazon doesn’t stock a pharmaceutically tested Prime Male. Further, there are people who buy the supplement from Amazon and later regret their choice.

Prime Male Amazon is quite a popular search among Amazon customers.

But guess what! You’re not getting the authentic composition if you choose to buy the supplement from Amazon.

Further, people often fall for Prime Male Reviews Amazon. But these are just to dupe you into thinking you’re getting a genuine product.

The reality is actually quite the opposite.

Prime Male Walgreens

As a matter of fact, Walgreens has many options to choose from in the category of testosterone booster.

But it’s not a guarantee that the product you get will be original.

And what many customers fail to understand is they are getting a fake product that will never show results. Worse, it can even have side-effects.

Now, you should have a good idea of why we never recommend buying Prime Male from Walgreens or any other third-party store for that matter.


Be Large And In Charge | Fight With Low Testosterone Naturally


The Bottom Line: Prime Male Reviews

Prime Male- the 12 ingredients testosterone booster works alone and provide a substantial boost in energy levels.

Each of its ingredients plays a significant role and each of them complement and enhance each other.

The increase in T-Levels it provides is sufficient, so further supplementation with other products isn’t necessary.

This best t-booster even helps you in older age and gives you the feeling of a young man.

Although the product isn’t a prescription pill, you should consult your doctor before consuming the pill.

We believe there are no magic pills to help you get rid of your testosterone problems. But a combination of a better lifestyle, a healthy diet, and an intense exercise regime with the pill get you the best results.

Prime Male is an all-natural, reputable, and safe testosterone product that is worth a try!

Buy Prime Male



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