Orgasm – An Overview | Benefits, Types, Causes And Science


Do you want to get ‘Big O’?

Find the satisfaction you seek in the sack by following 8 incredible ways to Have a Better Orgasm

If you’re a man you’d be getting it but for women, it seems hard to have a better orgasm.

The reason behind missing out on the “Big O” could be expectations, communication, and method.

You need to experiment with these things which can help you get more pleasure and reach the climax.

Orgasm is the peak of sexual activity and the powerful feeling of physical pleasure and sensation.

If you’re a man you need to know what makes her on and if you’re a woman you should tell and show your partner what works better for you.

A better orgasm will not only makes you feel happy but lowers your stress and make your immune system stronger.

Most men achieve it effortlessly but women need direct stimulation of her clitoris to reach climax and a better orgasm.

Here we’re going to deal with everything you need to know about orgasm but let’s start with what it is.


What Is Orgasm?

An orgasm is an intense pleasure that you achieve while having sex. Alternatively, you can call it climaxing or coming.

According to medical professionals, orgasm is the physiological changes in your body.

On the other hand, psychologists and mental health professionals say this is emotional or cognitive change.

Let’s take a look at truths and facts about Orgasm.

Orgasm During Sexual Intercourse


Fast Facts on Orgasms

  • Orgasm provides you multiple benefits due to hormones and chemicals released during the orgasm by the body
  • Orgasm is not limited to sexual stimulation
  • Both male and female can experience orgasm disorders
  • At least 1 out of 3 men experience premature ejaculation
  • After gender reassignment surgery Trans people would be able to orgasm
  • Definition of orgasm by Medical Professionals and Mental Health Professionals are different


Powerful Research

Alfred Kinsey says there is a difference between sexual behavior in males (1948) and females (1953) and can be determined through the body of fact and sex. Further, this study has been continued by William H. Masters and Virginia Johnson for Human Sexual Response (1986). This research is still a significant part of orgasm theory.


Orgasm Models

Sex researchers define orgasm in staged models of sexual response.

The orgasm process differs from one individual to another as per some physiological changes.

Below are the sexual models that are not only limited to penile-vaginal intercourse:

  • Excitement
  • Plateau
  • Orgasm
  • Resolution


Kaplan’s Three-Stage Model

This model completely differs from other sexual response models; the model includes desire which avoids non-genital changes.

The model consists of

  1. Desire
  2. Excitement
  3. Orgasm

Next, we’ll be discussing some potential health benefits of orgasm. Take a look…


Health Benefits of Orgasm

As per the cohort study, the risk of mortality is lower in men with high-frequency orgasm than men with low-frequency orgasm.

You can achieve the pleasure of orgasm while securing the cost of vigor and wellbeing!

The risk of prostate cancer reduces if you have frequent ejaculation.

The risk of prostate cancer in men who ejaculates 21 times in a month is pretty lower than in men who ejaculate 4-7 times in a month.

The hormones released during orgasm are oxytocin and DHEA.

These hormones do have qualities to protect against cancer and heart disease.

Oxytocin and endorphins are released during the orgasm which works as a relaxant.

Further, we’re going to know what the types of orgasm are.


Types of Orgasm

Here we are going to list the most common types of orgasm.

We’ll get to know what it feels like even after varying from one person to another.

Clitorial Orgasm

You can often feel his type of orgasms on the surface of your body. It gives you a tingly feeling not only in your brain but along your skin.


Vaginal Orgasm

This kind of orgasm will be deeper in the body which can be felt easily by the person who’ll be penetrating the vagina.

The vaginal wall will pulse the orgasm from inside.


Anal Orgasm

You may feel the urgency of peeing, before the Big O. Moreover, you won’t be feeling the contractions around the genitals.

These would be rather around the sphincter.


Combo Orgasm

When the G spot and the clitoris will be stimulated at the same time as your vagina, you’ll get a more explosive orgasm in a movie style.

You’ll literally get an ejaculation this way.


Erogenous Zones

The lesser-known parts of your body such as the ears, the neck, the knees, the nipples, and the elbows can be counted as a pleasurable reaction.

People who are sensitive enough can get an orgasm when you kiss and play with these parts.

These were the types of orgasm that can be found in men and women both.

But, now let’s get to know about female and male orgasm.


The Female Orgasm


The female orgasm uses the Master and Johnson four-phase model and here are those.

  • Excitement

Once a woman is stimulated psychologically or physically, the blood vessels dilate within her genitals.

The vulva swells when blood supply increases as the fluid pass through vaginal walls. This would make the vulva swollen and wet.

However, women appear flushed when the blood vessel dilates, particularly on the chest and neck.


  • Plateau

Your vagina becomes firm when the blood flows to the introitus- the lower area of the vagina.

The breast can increase in size by up to 25% whilst increasing the blood flow to the nipple and its surrounding area.

This causes the nipples to seem less erected. But the clitoris pulls back public bone that seems to be disappearing.


  • Orgasm

The uterus and introitus will be 0.8 seconds apart that helps to experience rhythmic contractions.

The female orgasm lasts longer than a male orgasm and the average is around 13-51 seconds.

Most of the women don’t have a refractory period that can make them orgasm again when they have stimulated again.


  • Resolution

Your body returns to the original state as swelling reduces and slows pulse and breathing.

This was all about the female orgasm.

We’re going to describe male orgasm and this also uses Masters and Johnson.


The Male Orgasm


Alike female orgasm, male orgasm too uses the Master and Johnson four-phase model.

  • Excitement

Men get an erection, once they are stimulated physically or psychologically.

More blood flows to the corpora through the length of the penis that makes the penis grow and become hard.

Once the penis becomes tight the testicles drawn up as the scrotum tightens.


  • Plateau

The glans and testicles increase in size as the blood vessels fill with blood.

As it happens blood pressure rises, buttock muscle tense, pulse quickens, and breathing rate increases.


  • Orgasm

Semen is the mixture of sperm (5%) and fluid (95%) that is forced into the urethra by a sequence of contractions in the pelvic floor muscle seminal vesicles, and prostate glands.

Ejaculation- this is something that can be forced out of the penis by the contraction in the pelvic floor muscle and prostate gland.

And the average orgasm of men lasts for 15-30 seconds.


  • Resolution

Men now enter a temporary recovery phase where they can’t have a further orgasm.

This is nothing but a refractory period and the length of this period varies from one man to another.

However, it can last from a few minutes to a few days and this can even increase as you age.

The penis and testicles will return to the original size during this phase. Even the breathing rate and pulse will be heavy and fast.

These were the types of orgasm that a woman or man can have.

But, what could be the health benefits of orgasm?

In the latter section, we’re going to mention all the benefits of orgasm that you can have.


Other Benefits of Orgasm

Though the orgasm can let you feel-good, the aftereffect of it can be frisky and will have a major impact on your body and mind.

#1: Boosts Your Immune System

Nothing is better than sex to prevent the common cold. The biggest benefit or orgasm you’ll get is a boosted immune system.

A study shows that the person who had sex once or twice a week has 30% higher immunoglobulin than those who were abstinent.


#2: The Pain Threshold Will Be Higher

Sometimes you won’t have an orgasm when you have sex and that’s alright.

The orgasm has another benefit that it produces a pain-blocking effect; I’ll make you less sensitive to the pain.

However, if you have a high spicy diet then you won’t always get a pain-blocking benefit.


#3: You May Live Longer

A study says that if you have 2 or more orgasm in a week, you have a 50% lower mortality risk than who have less frequent orgasms.


#4: You Can Regulate Your Cycle Easily

The more orgasm will lead to more regular periods.

This will also get you relief from menstrual cramps during that time of the month.

So, the answer is right here for the question “Does Orgasms Help with Cramps”.


#5: You’ll Feel Happier

People who have frequent sex- orgasm or not – are happier than the person who has irregular sex.

There is a direct link between sexual interest and a sense of well-being.


#6: You’re More Likely to Conceive

For those who are looking to start a family, time can play a significant role.

Women who have an orgasm right after their male partner during sex are more likely to conceive.

The release of oxytocin that occurs during orgasm has a greater benefit.


#7: You’ll Lose Weight

We get several e-mails asking “Does Orgasms Help You Lose Weight” and we’ve answered this question here.

So, read further to know the answer.

A study shows frequent intercourse and sex, whether solo or with a partner, is connected to a small hip and waist for both men and women.

Frequent orgasm can also lower the risk of having type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and any kind of health issue.

Now, you’re aware of what orgasm is and its different types.

Further in this section, we’re going to know what causes you to have an orgasm.


Causes of Having Orgasm

Orgasm is purely a sexual experience that can be experienced during the sexual response cycle.

These can occur often if you have continuous stimulation of erogenous zones like nipples, genitals, anus, and perineum.

Physiologically, there are two ways you can achieve orgasm after continuous stimulation:

  • Vasocongestion: In this process, body tissues will be filled with blood and will result in swelling.
  • Myotonia: The process includes both voluntary flexing and involuntary contracting to make your muscle tense.

People are even experiencing orgasmic sensations at the onset of epileptic medicine.

People who are paralyzed from their waist down would also be able to experience orgasm.

This is all about the nervous system and not the genitals that make you experience orgasm.

Women may not get to the orgasm as effortlessly as men but an intense and satisfying orgasm is the need for both sexes.

Here we have come up with eight ideas through which you can reach a better climax.


8 Ways to Have a Better Orgasm

#1: Concentrate on Your Breathing

To achieve orgasm, women may take physical and physiological steps and make the climax more reliable.

You can acquire one trick to get to the orgasm and that is breathing.

As you vary your breathing pattern from slow and deep to short and quick, it increases your sexual arousal to trigger orgasm.


#2: Get in Touch with Your Body

Becoming an expert on your own body is the second way to have a better orgasm.

Some women don’t achieve the climax as they never experimented with what makes them excite sexually.

While having sex you need to pay attention to the touch that gives you pleasure.

You can tell it to your partner or show him what makes you reach the climax and what’s not.

Note: Only 35% of women do achieve orgasm while having sexual intercourse!


#3: Appreciate Your Body

If you don’t like your body, you’d be thinking about how you look during sex rather than enjoying the moment.

You need to obsess with your body’s flaws to get a sexual response.

Men get turn on when they are having a partner who has an interest in sex and in her partner.


#4: Play with Toys

Women can reach orgasm when you use sex toys such as vibrators; this can be fun and handy.

A vibrator can take the pressure off you to make your partner reach orgasm.

This becomes the need of the women as they start aging because they lose sensation and hormone level drops.


#5: Exercise Your Vaginal Muscle

Squeezing and contracting muscles around your vagina flows the blood to the pelvic floor and build arousal.

The women who contract and relax their pubococcygeal muscles can increase their partner pleasure.

This can help both to get a better orgasm. Men too can try this exercise to have a better erection and orgasm.


#6: Try Different Positions

Sometimes, breaking your regular routine can increase your pleasure and let you have a better orgasm.

For women, her best position is to be on the top as it allows them to have control over sex and maximize the stimulation.

When a woman is on top she can control the depth of thrusting.

Another way you can get a better orgasm is by trying the doggy style.


#7: Watch a Sexy Movie

To make the mood to have sex, you can watch movies that have romantic scenes.

Some women may get aroused when they read a romantic novel.

Women need more imagination but for men visuals are important.

So, you can set your mood with sexy DVD, erotic stories, or romantic movies, if you both want to reach a better orgasm.


#8: Hang Your Head

Some women feel the arousal when they hang their head to the side of the bed as more blood flows to their brain.

This helps them reach a better orgasm.

There is another reason why this strategy works, sometimes they try hard to have an orgasm and this position will be a distraction for them to lead to orgasm.

But, the final thing you can do to have a better orgasm is to do whatever works for you!!



Though people want to achieve orgasm every single time they have sex, it’s not necessary that it ends in orgasm.

However, telling women ‘the sex is finish once their partner is finish’ won’t do justice.

Moreover, not all sex needs an orgasm and if you get it doesn’t mean the sex is great.

Sometimes orgasm would be small and you can’t compare it with someone else’s orgasm.

Doing so will shorten your pleasure while having sex.

The body of every individual is different so doing experiment with things can help you get the success.

Nothing can be more pleasurable if both the partner can get Big O. So, do experiments and get the pleasure as much as possible.

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