Prime Male vs Hunter Test: Which T-Booster To Buy | Comparison For 2020


Hunter Test vs Prime Male: Which T-booster Is The Better Choice For You?

A detailed comparison between two powerful testosterone boosters…

In this piece, I have done a complete analysis and in-depth comparison of Hunter Test vs Prime Male.

Hunter Test is a relatively newly launched PREMIUM TESTOSTERONE BOOSTER that has the power to transform your life. On the other hand, Prime Male is one of the world’s most effective natural testosterone booster that helps raise your T-Level and increases energy, vitality, and sex drive.


Hunter Test is intended for men who have a ‘busy lifestyle’ and looking to reclaim masculinity and gain the edge over their rivals. While, Prime Male is aimed to work for men over 30 looking to become the hard-driving, healthy, fit, energetic.

Both Hunter Test and Prime Male testosterone booster are highly powerful and share essential nutrients – with some noticeable differences.


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But which T-Booster Pill gets you the best benefits and better results?

Well, that’s yet to be figured out.

So, let’s check both the T-boosters on several different factors to find out which is the most effective.

Does each product deliver what its manufacturer claims?

Do these products cause any side effects?

Which testosterone booster offers the best bang for your buck?

After you’ve read this Hunter Test vs Prime Male comparison review, you should be in no doubt which of these testosterone boosters is the best.

During this T-Booster in-depth analysis, I’ll be examining the following:

  • Product And Brand Authority
  • Ingredients And Science
  • Benefits
  • Side Effects
  • Serving Sizes
  • Customer Reviews
  • Cost and Value
  • Pros and Cons

Selecting the right testosterone booster for you depends on these factors.

To round off this Prime Male vs Hunter Test review, I’ve collected all my findings and researches in each of these categories to bring you the best T-Booster.

So, let’s start this comparison analysis with about Hunter Test and Prime Male in brief…


Hunter Test vs Prime Male:  Brand Authority and Product

Here, I’ll examine the origins behind these natural testosterone boosters.

This will involve examining the companies (who created these supplements) reputability to understand what quality and results you can expect from their products.

I’ll also look at the intentions behind each formula to understand the reasons behind the creation of these products and their suitability to you as a man and your fitness goals.

Interestingly both Hunter Test and Prime Male come from Roar Ambition.

Roar Ambition

Roar Ambition is a trusted name that takes pride in leading the supplements industry for over a decade.

It’s a UK based company that stays at the forefront of nutritional research, manufacturing products for gym freaks, fitness enthusiasts, professional and amateur athletes that require the well-researched and most effective formulas on the supplement market.

The supplements of Roar Ambition are designed to help you get stronger, fitter, and improve body shape.

Roar Ambition offers…

  1. Rock Solid Products

The team of Roar Ambition work with Scientists, nutritional experts, manufacturers and athletes from around the globe to produce the best, safe, effective, and clinically backed supplements to help you improve performance.

  1. Up-To-Date Formulas

They constantly improve, develop, and update their formulas by focusing on a small number of products and selling them directly to their valuable customers online. When you buy supplements manufactured by Roar Ambition, you know you’re getting the best available on the market.

  1. Safe, Natural And Effective

People’s health is Roar Ambition utmost priority and this is why they only use 100% natural ingredients that have been put on trial and also tested.

All their supplements are made in cGMP (Good manufacturing practice) certified and approved facilities in the USA and UK.

So this was all about Roar Ambition – the company behind Hunter Test and Prime Male.

Now take a quick look at the detail around these two proven supplements…


Hunter Test Premium Testosterone Booster

Hunter Test Premium Testosterone Booster

Hunter Test is the best testosterone booster that has newly launched in the market.

As already discussed, this T-Boosting formula comes from a reputed brand named Roar Ambition.

It’s a powerful cutting edge testosterone boosting formula with some best-quality ingredients present in the blend.

Moreover, Hunter Test is all set to raise your confidence and transform your life.

Introduced in 2018, this testosterone booster is already creating a buzz on review sites and in online forums.

So while the Hunter Test is a new product, the claims are all very promising.

The company behind this natural T-Booster has put all its resources into creating a testosterone booster with the highest-quality ingredients.


Reverse Testosterone Decline And Steal An Edge On Your Rivals With Hunter Test


Hunter Test Benefits:

  • Enhances strength, fitness level and increases your performance
  • Great motivation at work and at home
  • Improves mental strength, focus, mood and determination
  • Unbreakable confidence
  • Reignite your masculinity

The ‘proof’ behind the promises made by Hunter Test….

According to Hunter Test official website, “the product is scientifically formulated to help you steal an edge on your rivals”.

As part of its promise to offer a more potent formula, Hunter Test premium testosterone booster also boasts higher dosage of essential T-boosting nutrients.

Some of its key ingredients include boron, vitamin D3, and D-aspartic acid, as well as ashwagandha and indole-3-carbinol (I3C).

In fact, Hunter test is the only test-booster that offers the largest serving sizes we’ve ever seen.


Prime Male The Ultimate T-Booster

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Prime Male is a natural testosterone boosting formula that presents the real power of testosterone.

According to the Official Website of Prime Male, the supplement could help treat hormonal imbalance and turn back the clock 42 years in less than 2 weeks!

Sounds Incredible!

This red T-boosting supplement uses 12 potent and natural ingredients or anti-aging dirty dozen which are made to raise T-Levels and also increase energy, strength, and enhance sex drive in men.

Now with Prime Male, you can become the energetic, sexy, and confident man you once were – and of course want to be again.

The test-booster pill can raise your T-Levels to what they were 10 to 30 years ago – and that too within weeks.

So don’t think much and take Prime Male to maintain high T levels!


Enjoy Healthy Testosterone Levels With Vitality, Greater Energy, And Sex Drive!


Prime Male Benefits:

  • Build lean muscle
  • Raise your libido into high gear
  • Get stronger faster and increase your energy
  • Controls your blood pressure
  • Shed excess weight especially the waist part
  • Improves mood and sharpens your mind

Moreover, the supplement stimulates the natural male hormone production in order to fire up your testosterone level.

And your T-levels perk up with better and improved body function.

The researches suggest, a better testosterone level directly puts more out from your regular gym workouts and training sessions.

Hence, with Prime Male dosage, get ready to have bursting energy levels and massive muscle gain.

The Bottom Line: Both of these testosterone boosters are potent, effective, safe, and well suited to men. In addition, they also come from the same manufacturing company – so it’s a draw.

Of course, the comparison isn’t done here. The real kick is in what they inhibit.

Here’s what our Hunter test vs Prime Male comparison indicates.


Prime Male vs Hunter Test Full Ingredients List

Testosterone supplements have stunning claims. Most of the time these aren’t really worth it.

However, one way to examine if the t-booster worth is going through the ingredients.

Here’s what we discovered through Hunter Test vs Prime Male ingredients inspection!

Surprisingly, the products share some of the major ingredients.

This is what reflects the similar benefits. Whereas the unique ingredients are responsible for mega exclusive perks.

So, let’s begin!

Prime Male vs Hunter Test | Similar Ingredients

#1: Vitamin D3: Often referred to as a steroid hormone, lack of vitamin D can lead to testosterone deficiency.

#2: D-Aspartic Acid: The non-essential amino acid has a prominent role in testosterone production. Hence, providing your extreme testosterone surge.

#3: Asian Ginseng: Traditional science has some mysterious herb capable of perking your T at peak. In fact, Ginseng has shown impressive testosterone boosting properties in studies.

#4: Boron: Daily intake of the mineral has shown impressive T-boost ranging around 28% in just a week.


Exclusive Hunter Test Ingredients

#1: Ashwagandha (300 mg): Straight from the ancient science, the herb can significantly ascend men’s vitality and virility.

#2: Indole-3-carbinol (200 mg): The Hunter Test ingredient is a unique inclusion. Well, it has some impressive direct benefits to your T by blocking estrogen.


Exclusive Prime Male Ingredients

#1: Mucuna Pruriens (300 mg): Also known by the name Velvet bean, it encompasses L-DOPA in sound quantity. Not only it can elevate your T but remarkably improve men’s fertility.

#2: Nettle Root (160 mg): Nettle root has the power to push your testosterone to the peak. Well, there is really impressive and sound scientific evidence in this term.

The Bottom Line:  Hunter Test involving some traditional ingredients replicated the benefits it asserts on. On the contrary, Prime male ingredients lie on the side to ramp your male hormone to the best-ever phase.

Is the Hunter Test vs Prime Male comparison over?


You haven’t still gone through what these vitality boosters can lead too.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Key Benefits

Testosterone boosting supplement—what results do you expect?

First and foremost, more testosterone! Right?

Of course, you would have this in your head. But did you know testosterone supplements are capable of providing more?

In fact, these natural formula delivers complete nourishment.

Meanwhile improving T-level, it nourishes numerous other body functions providing numeral other perks.

In this section of the Prime Male vs Hunter Test, our focus was to outline some such major advantages.

Here’s what our findings discovered…


#1: Hunter Test Benefits

The superb formula for buys ninja, maximum testosterone is of course to be expected.

However, there are numerous other perks expect it. here, we have flogged several other testosterone boosting benefits.

In simple words, Hunter Test is the easiest and intense way to get your male hormone to the peak.

Here’s what you get as Benefits of Hunter Test Booster.

  • Intensifies your testosterone level in no time
  • Succumb low mood and low energy level
  • Nurtures muscle mass
  • Revives you with elevated activeness
  • Increases your mood and motivates

What Makes Hunter Test Out Of The Box?

  • Comprises findings of the newest & latest scientific research
  • Includes high-grade T-boosting ingredients
  • No synthetic components or additives
  • 100% plant-based blend
  • Greater dosage and heftier serving sizes
  • Mass-produced under cGMP and FDA protocols in the UK and USA

Hunter Test benefits completely align with the smashing claims of the t-booster.

Besides delivering explosive testosterone levels, you are liable to maximum impressive advantages.


#2: Prime Male Benefits

The top male enhancement supplement fights deprived testosterone levels while providing you numerous advantages.

Not only you receive more of T but more intense operations body function.

Eventually, making you get a bulkier and hefty figure you haven’t ever dreamt of.

Of course, this is the reason behind its wide popularity among bodybuilders and athletes.

Here’s what you expect as Prime Male benefits

  • Smashing Lean Muscle Mass
  • Surges Your Stamina
  • Diminishes your Body Fat
  • Uplifts your mood
  • Smashing Self-Confidence
  • Enhanced Psychology

What Makes Prime Male Out Of The Box?

  • High-quality & top of the line constituents
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Zero additives and preservative
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Good value for money
  • Website-only purchase

Prime Male benefits aren’t any way behind the previous t-booster.

In fact, it provides more than it claims. More testosterone and more muscles!

The bottom Line: When Hunter Test provides you with more testosterone to make your life easier and effortless. Contrarily, Prime Male Benefits inclines on the line to provide you more of your testosterone level.

The fight isn’t done yet. Assurance of the efficiency isn’t enough to decide worth T-booster.

Actually, they need to fulfill the safety measures as well.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Safety Standard

So far, the comparison stands on the same line having minor differences. Another key concern with the t-booster is safety.

Actually, these supplements have some really sound ingredients.

Not every time the blend synergize to be safe and provide results.

Many a time these supplements lead to negative consequences and side effects.

Here’s we have tried to see if the supplement are safe or there are some concern.


Hunter Test Side Effects

Hunter Test promises so stunning results with its powerful natural ingredient.

While excluding harmful attributes and even proprietary blend to ensure safety.

In fact, going through Hunt Test ingredients, we weren’t able to find much. All in all, the supplement seemed safer and sounder.

However, we can’t deny the fact that the Hunter test booster is quite a new supplement.

Hence, we can’t entirely rely on Hunter Test reviews.

Though in small numerous, these are really impressive. Nonetheless, we can’t assert on safety with soundness over this fact.

Yes, so far there’s no possibility of Hunter Test side effects. Still, precautionary measures come as a top suggestion form the experts.

Hunter Test Servings

To ensure safety factors, you need to have the t-boost according to Hunter Test Dosage.

  • Have six pills a day
  • You can have 2 with breakfast, 2 with lunch and 2 with dinner.

One pack of the t-booster has a total of 180 pills. So, it is going to last you for a month without any issues.

For maximum results, you should take the Hunter Test for at least 3 months in a go.


Prime Male Side Effects

Prime Male testosterone booster completely relies on a natural and organic constituent.

Not only, it multiplies the efficiency of T-boosters but it also ensures safety.

Dues to its extensive usages and numerous customer reviews, there are some evident but side effects.

However, there are no major Prime Male side effects top worry about.

In case, you find it worsening, consulting with a doctor or medical specialist is best.

Here’s what you are likely to suffer from

  • Headache
  • Upset Stomach
  • Acid Reflux
  • Mood Swings

However, this can be averted with a few precautionary measures. All you need to do is just keep your Prime male dosages in check.

Prime Male Servings

Following Prime Male dosage not only ensures maximum results but ensures safety too.

  • Take 4 capsules a day
  • Take 2 with breakfast and rest 2 with lunch

Each pack has a total of 120 pills, which would last for a month. For getting maximum from Prime Male, using it for 3 months is a must.

The Bottom Line: Prime Male side effect appears on the table as it has been widely in use and present in the market for long. However, Hunter Test side effects aren’t evident because it hasn’t a significant number of reviews to say something over.

The best way to get comprehensive details on Hunter Test vs Prime Male reviews is to see what user’s words are.


Customer Reviews

You can get an idea about the real efficiency of the product unless you check out customers’ experience.

With testosterone supplements, looking for customer feedback is essential.

Not only it helps know the T-booster works but it also provides us with an in-depth idea of what kind of results to expect.

Formulated for intricate and powerful ingredients, T-boosters can further elevate your result.

Here evaluating users’ word over the product we tried to figure out where does the formula stands.


Hunter Test Customer Reviews

Well, the testosterone supplement has out of the line claims. Hence checking Hunter Test Results was the only way to grab what it really holds.

Hence, we begin our inspection with Hunter Test Before and After Pics.

To our amazement, results were bewildering. We hadn’t expected it to work that good!


Clearly, testosterone isn’t the only thing it functions for.

You can observe the significantly increased muscle mass and ripped body.

In fact, their fat accumulation has decimated gradually.

In short, Hunter Test Results are thrilling. for sure, it can get you results beyond one’s expectation.

Well, this isn’t done yet. Besides sharing these jaw-dropping pictures, users have shared their entire experience with Hunter Test Testimonials.

Eric, 28

Using Hunter was different. I’d not experienced any difference even after trying numerous supplements. Hunter Test completely changed things. I’ve more T and my life is more energy.

Marcel, 32

Low T-level lead to constant energy drains making my daily chores miserable. It was using Hunter Test I good feel myself rejuvenated. Thanks, Hunter!

Undoubtedly, each word of Hunter Test claims is true with users’ results.

Not only it heightens your testosterone level but gets you numerous advantages to make you fit with your lifestyle.

More Energy & Unbeatable Strength With Hunter Test


Prime Male Customer Reviews

Over the years, the male enhancement supplement has changed the life of many.

Not only in terms of pushing testosterone level to the top but getting remarkable perks and advantages.

Unlike other T-booster, Prime Male results include explosive muscle gains, turbocharged energy, and much more.

In fact, the Prime Male Before and After Pics will make your mind go in awe.


Smashing muscle gains, perfectly toned abs, biceps and muscle groups, and overall stunning physique.

This mind whooping Prime Male result is what makes the T-booster #1 choice of leading bodybuilders and athletes.

Of course, developed to get you more T, it gets you extreme power of testosterone.

Intense muscle gains and excessive energy are such some of broader perks. Besides, users have mentioned numerous other advantages in their Prime Male Testimonials.

Mike, 35

My dream to get bulkier & bigger muscle seemed impossible with low T-level. Prime Male changed everything drastically. I’ve huge smashing muscle gains.

Allen, 40

Low testosterone makes muscle gains terrible. I heard about Prime Male at the gym and order it right away. Things have changed tremendously. All thanks to Prime Male

Extreme muscle gains and intense energy on top of that higher testosterone level.

In fact, the t-booster with its superb formula amplifies your testosterone production to deliver such advanced results.

The Bottom Line: Prime Male its specialized formula heightens T to get your intense results getting the immense difference in muscle mass and energy. Whereas, Hunter Test booster confines to perking testosterone to make your life effortless while adding to your muscle mass.

Of course, both t-booster comes to the final point of discussion—cost-effectiveness.

Moving further to the last segment of Hunter Test vs Prime Male comparison, let’s see whose deals are more tempting.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Cost & Value

You can buy the testosterone booster directly from their official website.

This step is taken by the manufacturer to aver online supplement scams.

Moreover, placing orders directly through the online portal provides several amazing deals.

In fact, you have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts and savings.

Also, there are free shipping, money-back guarantee, freebies, and a lot more.

So, without losing the spur of the moment let’s see what Prime Male vs Hunter Test comparison goes.

Hunter Test Price Details

  • 1 Month Supply: x1 Hunter Test Bottles (180 capsules) for $75
  • 2 Month Supply: x2 Hunter Test Bottles (360 capsules) + Free USA and UK Delivery for $150
  • 4 Month Supply: 3x Bottles of Hunter Test+1 Free (720 capsules) + Free USA and UK Delivery for $225


Prime Male Price Details

  • 1 Month Supply: 1x Box of PrimeMale (120 capsules) for $69.00
  • 2 Month Supply: 2x Boxes of PrimeMale (240 capsules) + FREE USA & UK Shipping for $138.00
  • 4 Month Supply: 3x Boxes of PrimeMale + 1 FREE (480 capsules)+ FREE Worldwide Shipping

for $207.00

  • 6 Month Supply: 4x Boxes of PrimeMale + 2 FREE (720 capsules) + FREE Worldwide Shipping

For $276.00

For budget-friendly purposes, Prime Male price and deals are best.

Comparatively, you are to save many dollars going for the T-booster. In fact, this can be a reason behind its mass appeal.

Also, they offer free shipping, money-back guarantees to make deals more feasible.

However, the money-back guarantee is available on 3 months pack & more.

This goes with ‘free shipping’ too as it’s applicable on a few pack only.

On the other hand, Hunter Test Price might seem you costlier at first glance.

However, you can’t deny the fact the costlier stuff contains quality.

In fact, the t-booster focuses on getting effortless T-boosting.

Obviously, this requires more of a sound blend leading to a costlier formula.

Apparently, all of these factors make things pretty confusing.

Hence, we have summed up an overview of the entire blog.


Conclusion – Who Is The Winner?

Before we move to the final words, let’s go through the pros and cons of the T-boosters.

Hunter Test vs Prime Male | Pros and Cons

Hunter Test Pros

  • Completely Natural formulation
  • Scientifically researched blend
  • Free from artificial stimulants
  • Maximum servings of ingredients
  • Comprises the best form of Asian ginseng

Hunter Test cons

  • Expensive
  • available on the Official Website only


Prime Male Pros

  • 100% natural blend
  • Encompasses several T-boosting nutrients
  • Mucuna Pruriens has impressive T-boosting properties
  • Formulated for men over 30
  • Contains maximum dosages of each ingredient

Prime Male Cons

  • Available on the Official Website only


Prime Male is a clear winner here!

Unlike Hunter Test, it emerges as a one-stop testosterone supplement. It pushes your testosterone level up and up through natural stimulation.

Hence, you are able to get intense muscle gain, extreme energy, unbeatable strength, and immense results.

All of this because of a superb amazing formula.

However, this completely doesn’t mean Hunter Test is worthless.

In fact, the supplement goes best with folks wanting to amplify a little male hormone to make their life easier.

Firstly, you need to understand what your requirement is.

Only after then, decide which of the testosterone supplement really fits your goals.

One this clear, choosing any one of these is going to get your impressive results.

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